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Thread: Elk hair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by randyflycaster View Post
    I didn't realize Comparadun hair flares so much. Then what hair should I use for small caddis flies? Costal Hair?

    Woodchuck guard hair is an excellent option for tying small caddis.

    Google woodchuck caddis fly and look at the images to see how flat woodchuck guard hair ties in. Different parts of the body hair have different colored guard hair.

    Gary Lafontaine's book Caddisflies does not even contain the EHC because he considered it a poor imitation of a caddis for picky trout. He specifically mentions that flat down wing flies are better imitations.


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    The cow elk hair seems allot longer than the bull elk hair i looked at?
    Without getting too technical in terms, what I have is deer hair (body hair), elk hair (cow) and bleached elk hair. The bleached elk hair which is from Hareline seems allot more appropriate for elk hair caddis. The cow elk hair is very long.

    Edit: after I have searched the Internet for info about the long cow hair, I think I got elk rump hair and not body hair as stated on the label.?

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