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    Quote Originally Posted by brookfieldangler View Post
    Forget the foamies. Tie the estaz version. I've had tons more luck with them.

    [ame=]How to tie the estaz egg - YouTube[/ame]

    Yup, that Estaz really is good stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by okbow68 View Post
    Trying to tie up some egg flies with some #10 egg hooks and mcfloam egg foam out of a foam dispenser tube with Danville 6/0 thread. I'm getting it tied on with a little difficulty but when I cut the foam they are not round that's for sure. They are uneven and ugly even after fluffing the fibers. I have little orange rock looking flies. Yes I am new to this. Help.
    Go to any crafts store (Hobby Lobby, Michael's Crafts, even Walmart). They have these "pom-pom's". They are little balls of yarn that come in many sizes and all different colors. Pierce the hook through the "pom-pom", add super glue, and you are done. I take a colored sharpie and make a dot on them for the hot spot. You can get a BUNCH of them in a bag for a couple bucks and IMO they look better than tying them yourself. They are all I use now for egg patterns. Add a split shot 6" up from the egg or drop the egg off a weighted nymph to get them down and you are in business!

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    Thanks guys appreciate the replies.

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    Default Re: Geez my egg flies are UGLY.

    Try this method. Very easy and quick. After securing egg material on top of hook (I use three layers of McFly Foam) I tie my thread off just like in this video and then pull all of the foam material straight up and very tight and cut straight across quickly. As you can see from the vid there is a little trim work to be done. Don't get discouraged and just keep at it.

    [ame=]How to tie a simple Egg Fly - YouTube[/ame]

    Here is one by Charlie Craven that shows about the same process and he uses the McFly Foam that I use for my egg patterns:

    [ame=""]Charlie Craven Tying | McFlyfoam Egg Pattern - YouTube[/ame]

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    I learned from youtube videos, keep at it. Mine are decent and pretty round

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    Thanks for the replies and videos guys. I have plenty of foam so practice I can do?

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    Default Re: Geez my egg flies are UGLY.

    The first video up above is what/how I used to tie therm.
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    I really like this video it kinda summed it up for me.


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