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  1. Default What am I doing wrong?

    So I wonder if any of you can help me solve a problem. When I am finishing up a fly and go to whip finish, I have trouble with the line unraveling and wanting to fall off the eye? Is this because I tie too close to the hook? Or maybe I pull the line on accident?

    Any ideas?


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    Default Re: What am I doing wrong?

    Hard to know for sure without seeing it but here are a couple thoughts. Leaving more room behind the eye could help. Also be sure to maintain tension on the thread as you finish the whip finish snugly, if you let slack develop it can unravel.
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    Default Re: What am I doing wrong?

    I suck at a whip finish as well. So rather than fight it, I just finish off my wraps with two or three half hitches and a drop of head cement. Good enough for government work.

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    Default Re: What am I doing wrong?

    Don't worry that's happened to all of us.
    The Main thing is to not crowd the eye of The Hook which we all do from time to time especially when I'm in a hurry.
    Try Waxing The Thread & you will find it will wind and form better or you can add a little head cement if your Fly looks OK..

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    Default Re: What am I doing wrong?

    Not sure if I'm picturing this correctly but is it possible the shank is slanted downward toward the eye? If so, try to put the hook in the jaws so it is level or slightly slanted upward toward the eye. Light tension is essential also.
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    Default Re: What am I doing wrong?

    I've found that this happens to me when I have too much material built up right behind the eye and not enough tension on the thread when whip finishing. When I do end up with too much material, I just slow down a bit, keep proper tension and make sure that my wraps slant more towards the body than the eye, landing the thread where I want it and keeping it from slipping off.

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    Default Re: What am I doing wrong?

    Don't crowd the eye with material and start the whip finish back from the hook eye so you can make 4 to 5 wraps.

    Then make your whip finish wraps so that the wraps go TOWARD from the hook eye. If you make them AWAY from the eye, the wraps will not be as smooth.

    Whip Finish direction (Amanda--) - The Fly Tying Bench - Fly Tying
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    Default Re: What am I doing wrong?

    All great suggestions so far! One tip I might add is when your head is built and you are ready to whip finish, place a drop of head cement on the thread that forms the head. Give it a second to dry THEN try your whip finish. This will keep it from unraveling while you perfect your technique

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: What am I doing wrong?

    If your hook IS clamped at a downward angle, if you have a downturned eye or if you're crowding the hook this can happen. Your best bet is to give yourself a little more room. I've also wrapped a few turns away from the eye before I did the whip finish and that seems to work as well.


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    I always tie in a half hitch while I still have tension on the can manuver the thread back with a nail or tool a bit still at this point if you want some more room for the eye...this also helps that line from coming undone...

    sounds like maybe you are laying down a bit too much thread...that is before you whip...I only whip on larger flies ...a few half h's are enough for smaller they keep the profile down too...I always apply a drop of sg or similar to be the extra umph necc to make the flie last while fishing.

    also there is nothing worse than having that perfect flie tied up...and find you got glue in the eye when you tied it!! my famous move...(poking a hole in that size 18 while in wading thigh deep water isnt what I look forward too...)so a close inspection after the glue is alsways a good idea too...not that it was your comment, but it does kind of relate to a possible answer...

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