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Thread: streamers

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    I was wandering on the web and found something that interested me...old school streamer...

    Åke Bodén, known for ”Åbosländan” (a dry fly) inherited the fly in 1902-04 from his father Levi Bodén, who in his turn got it from Lars Piitsa, a Laplander who lived 30 km upstream Övre Soppero on Lainio river. This particular fly, already known to the Piitsa family for at least three generations, and created no later than 1790, was probably tied around the middle of the 18th century. Hook, from reindeer antlers decorated with cormorant feathers, “tying thread” of reindeer tendon, fastened with resin or wax.

    web....with a pic....Flies, flies !

    Oh...and check out this guys fly tying ....#1

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    Neat piece of history. I'd like to know the size of that fly and what species it was used for.

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    No idea on the size..but I would guess by today's standards...large. 3 or 4 inches overall. How they kept them on that hook is my question. The point of the hook in the pic must have been dulled by antiquity.

    The fly was used by Laplanders, Scandinavian. Most likely the fish was salmon or trout. No bass or bluegill up there .

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