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    Default New Tying Materials Arrived!

    About a week and a half ago 'fq13' aka Jay, posted some fox tails and other items for sale. I thought for a few seconds and then said, "I'll take fox tails". The package showed up today and what a wonderful bunch of high quality hair! One of the tails is a pure white Arctic Fox and I can think of many colors to make with this hair.

    The chance to get these came at just the right time because I'm venturing into Intruder style & tube flies for winter tying and hair appeals to me for use in these patterns.

    Thanks for a great deal Jay

    I have been a little lazy about my photography as of late and need to step up but this will give you the idea on why Fox Tail hair will be helpful.

    That fly is made with dyed squirrel and schlappen feathers. There are a thousand ways to create a fly that will attract & catch fish and hair is very economical.

    Here's another using squirrel and chicken.

    When I turn out some fox hair patterns I'll post them up
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    Default Re: New Tying Materials Arrived!

    Hey Ard.
    Nice Flies, I can also hook you up with hair and feathers and necks. My father in law is a taxidermist. He just retired but is still doing odd jobs here and there. Coyote is also very good. I will post some pics soon when I get some of my flies tied this winter.

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    Default Re: New Tying Materials Arrived!

    Hi Ard.
    Nice Flies Artic Fox is one of The Best Tying Material & very hard to get I can imagine The Flies you will tie with it.
    A mate of mine always buys it for a friend of his who is a Guide in New Zealand.

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    Default Re: New Tying Materials Arrived!

    Ard: I can imagine that Arctic Fox would really make those intruder style flies look very nice with a fuller body. Looking forward to see what you do with them.


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