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    Default Tied my first flies today.

    Here are my first flies. Tell me what you think.

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    Default Re: Tied my first flies today.

    Those look pretty damned good!! A little bit of work on thread control and proportions are the only things you really need but if those are your first attempts, I think it will only be about 2 more days until you have that down!
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    Default Re: Tied my first flies today.

    Looks great to me. Love that olive bugger,,nice job !

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    Default Re: Tied my first flies today.

    W H A T ! ? ! ?

    Those are your first flies? I wouldn't hesitate to fish any of those.
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    Default Re: Tied my first flies today.

    the look good. the hackle on the first two are wound backwards. the feathers fibers should be pointing towards the back (should is a matter of opinion, but the majority of flies you see will have them that way, except tenkara flies)

    The hackle on the prince nymph is too long and i'd tie the wings and tail shorter, in fact tie it on a smaller hook, and only tie the hackle on the bottom. You can do this by stripping the fibers off the feather and tying them in on the bottom, or by winding the hackle as you've done, pull the top fibers down and secure them with thread wraps to hold them down.

    Bucktial looks good. body is a bit sparse, but i just like mine to be built up a bit.

    I'd make the tail shorter on the third bugger.

    So far, you've done well, and what i've mentioned are things that come with time and experience....
    Keep at it and well done!


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    Default Re: Tied my first flies today.

    I would say that with this as a starting point it won't be long before you will be able to tie what ever you want. As others have said with a little fine tuning they would have the look of those tied by experienced tiers. About the Prince nymph; I see all the promise of Dee wing style streamer flies there. Ever since learning a pattern called Jock O' Dee by participating in a tying thread here a few years ago, that fly and style of tie have become my best trout producer. You might want to keep that in mind as the winter gets into full swing there. Those trout in your streams will go crazy for things they have never seen.

    Good job Glen,


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    Default Re: Tied my first flies today.

    All very serviceable. Lots of people do backwards hackle on wooly worms, not sure that's a bad thing. That olive bugger in #3 is awesome, ditto the streamer in #5.

    As for the prince -- I agree with the above poster, the proportions are not conventional. That' shouldn't discourage you from fishing it, though. Lately I've taken plenty of fish on a thing that's basically a cross between a prince and a traditional wet fly, similar to yours except red thread, brown hackle barbules for the tail, and instead of the white biots for a wing I just use a little tuft of white polar fiber.

    Great job, your first go-round looks a lot better than mine did.

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    Default Re: Tied my first flies today.

    Nice work. Those will catch fish? I've been tying a month and happy when half my flies look anywhere near that good. You have a future in this IMO.

    Now slap some little hooks in that vice and show me how to tie some pretty little nymphs.

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    Default Re: Tied my first flies today.

    As mentioned some nice Flies which will catch Fish you have started out well..
    When I started tying it took me a while to Make Them as Good... I might have been a Slow Learner in Those Days over 50 years ago as the only way I could remember was my Mate's Father had a Brand New 1958 Holden Station Wagon in which we travelled all over the State Fishing...

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    Default Re: Tied my first flies today.

    FIRST FLIES !!! You are kidding me Grasshopper, outstanding. Your ties are Warp speed ahead of my first. Carry on.......

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