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    Default Re: A good whip finish tool

    There are two common types of whip finishers, the Matarelli and the Thompson. Most tiers prefer the Matarelli.

    It is not right or wrong to use a tool or whip by hand. However, there is a right and wrong way to whip finish. Most fly tiers do not know that the direction of the whip finish is important. The goal is to get a tight whip finish with the thread wraps laid adjacent going toward the hook eye.

    Whip Finish direction (Amanda--) - The Fly Tying Bench - Fly Tying

    As to whether to whip by hand or use a tool, use the method that is fastest and most accuratefor you. Although I know how to hand whip finish, I can do that faster and easier with a tool than by hand so I use a Matarelli.

    Charlie Craven uses the Matarelli to tie his two minute parachute adams AND he whips TOWARDS the hook eye.

    [ame=]2 Minute Parachute Adams - YouTube[/ame]

    You will see some well know fly tiers hand whip finish and others will use a tool. My friend, Gary Borger uses a Matarelli. Davie McPhail, one of the best fly tiers in the world uses a Matarelli whip finisher. He also lays a bit of head cement on the thread before the whip finish rather than afterwards.


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    Default Re: A good whip finish tool

    I struggled with this when I first started tying and went mostly with half hitch. Basically this was because when I started out, I was looking at books and didn't have the internet resources available today. I used that for years, but ditched the Thomson style and went to Matarelli. I found them much easier to use. To practice, I got a long streamer hook and just did whip finish after whip finish. Like everything else in tying, preferences will vary.
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    I use the style mbchilton went to... Makes whip finishes a breeze

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    I use my fingers for most flies and the matarelli type for small flies #18 and smaller. Really small flies #24 and #26 I use the half hitch tool to keep the eye clear and the fibers out of the way.

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    I'm new to tying and have been whip finishing by hand, but every time I go to pull it tight the thread sticks and stutters to the point that I can't pull the loop down all the way. Doing something wrong just not sure what.

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