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    Default Harry Mason's "Troutflies" Website

    I was very sad to see Harry's website has gone dark... not nearly as sad as I was when I heard Harry had passed at such a young age, he was a great person and a fantastic asset to this art.

    His son (David?) had agreed to keep the site up for a period of time, but it appears that time has passed. I tried to e-mail him at the address he had provided when Harry first passed, but never got a response.

    Wanted to find out what the cost was for hosting the site and see if it was something I (or a few of us) could offer to pay to keep it alive, and also to find out if he had considered producing some of the DVDs that Harry had made to sell to offset any costs of keeping the site alive... but as I said, no response.

    Does ANYONE have any contact information for Harry's son, or does anyone have copies of the DVDs they would e interested in selling? If there's ANYTHING we could do to get this site back alive and kicking to provide access to his WONDERFUL tutorials, it would be valuable to any/all new tiers.

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    Default Re: Harry Mason's "Troutflies" Website

    I just visited Harry's site this month for the first time in probably two years. Had recalled his tutorials and just wanted to take another look at his top-notch work. His tutorials were the first of such quality that I saw online. A true gentleman on the boards, too. Oddly, I thought of sending a message to let his family know Harry's tutorials are still at the top of the heap but got pushed to other tasks. I'm glad I at least took a last look.

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    Default Re: Harry Mason's "Troutflies" Website

    Thanks to the Internet Wayback Machine, you can still get the tutorials:

    I'm not sure if the contact phone is still good here:

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    Default Re: Harry Mason's "Troutflies" Website

    unfortuately the site will be missed. i only went the for the tying tutorials

    the massive amount of informationon the internet and web page after web page of fly patterns, blogs, fly fishing, tying videos etc should keep anybody in reading and viewing materials for quite a long time.

    if anybody else needs the tutorials, bookmark the following link

    i have enough problems maintaining a blog let alone somebody elses website.
    Poor quality materials and tools are destined to discourage beginner tiers and cause greater expense when the time comes to replace them.


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