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  1. Default Choosing hackle colour.


    I want to know if medium dun colour is an important colour to have in a dry fly arsenal? I have Grizzly and grizzly brown. I want to be able to tie BWO, but does this fly need a dun hackle or is there other alternatives?


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    Default Re: Choosing hackle colour.

    Honestly I think presentation is more important than anything when you fly fish. I keep 4 colors of Dry Fly hackle on hand though - Grizzly, Brown, Cream, Dun. Mostly just for fun though at times fish may be color picky especially in high pressure areas.

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    Default Re: Choosing hackle colour.

    +1 - presentation, size and probably profile over color, but if you can get 4 out of 4 go for it! Could probably fish a lot of BWO hatches with an appropriate size parachute adams, but if I have a BWO fly in a hatch matching color I'd tie it on first.
    - William

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    Default Re: Choosing hackle colour.

    +1 for presentation and size....though I think medium dun is a sometimes make the difference on educated fish and I've already experienced that situation either on trout and big chub....just my two cents

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    Default Re: Choosing hackle colour.

    Hi Kim,

    The guys have given you what I think are the best of answers. I lived many years where there were Mayfly's were plentiful and by the time 20 years had passed I had every conceivable or obtainable color of hackle there was. I do agree that the size / profile and most important possibly ... the presentation are more crucial than perfect coloration.

    This passion of tying and fishing can be overwhelming and I know the 'gotta have it now' feeling as well as anyone here. If you can swing a medium blue dunn neck then by all means grab one but until then I know how you are thinking. The materials game never stops, recently I received 5 Amherst Pheasant center tail feathers that I will use to tie Intruder flies with. You and I both know that I can probably manage a fly that will catch just fine without the addition of these fibers dyed in various colors but I just had to have them. I would consider the acquisition of a blue dunn cape for dry fly tying more important than my frivolous pheasant but you're the guy who holds the wallet

    It's really great to watch your progression here through your posts, members like yourself are one of the things that make the forum experience a good one.



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  11. Default Re: Choosing hackle colour.

    Hi guys.

    Thank you very much for the help. It means allot to get the right help.
    I think I will go with the trick colouring a grizzly hackle gray with a permanent marker to see how it looks as a substitute for dun. I will probably buy the real thing some time.
    What do you consider the most important colours to have? (Knowing it's not everything)

    Thank you Ard for the kind words


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    Default Re: Choosing hackle colour.

    I'll add that if funds are an issue and you tie a limited size range of BWO's (ex. 18's and 20's) you can pick up a 100 pack for around $20 that will be the color and size feather you need for around 100 flies give or take. In the long run it can be better to shell out for a cape or saddle but 100 packs are good when you need a limited size and have limited cash. A lot of fly shops sell them in store and online. Personally I get mind from the Feather Emporium but there are a lot of options.

    For most important colors I'd say Grizzly, Brown, Med or Blue Dun. Then perhaps cream or white, grizzly olive or yellow but it depends on what flies you like to tie.
    - William

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    Default Re: Choosing hackle colour.


    I tie with a medium dun a lot. I would buy a bronze neck, 1/2 neck, 1/2 or 1/4 saddle, or full saddle if I could. You can find any of that from $35 to $75 bucks. Your first three major hackle purchases should be grizzly, brown and medium dun.

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