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  1. Default Tying with Chukar feathers?

    Hey guys,

    I had a good day out in the hills and bagged a couple Chukar. After looking at the feathers they seem very similar to those found on a Hungarian Partridge. I am curious if anyone out there ties any flies with Chukar feathers? I am guessing they would work well for soft hackles. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!


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    Default Re: Tying with Chukar feathers?

    Yes, the rump feathers work well, I will link up a couple flies soon from old threads tied with Chukar.

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    Default Re: Tying with Chukar feathers?

    most feathers on any bird are worthy of something whether it be for soft hackles, tails, wings, throats, wing cases, legs on nymphs even fly bodies providing the fibers are long enough.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I think I will try a few patterns meant for Partridge feathers to start and move on from there.

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    The feathers with a nice stripe near the end are great for tails on streamers.

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    Default Re: Tying with Chukar feathers?

    Hi & Welcome.
    As mentioned any of The Soft Feathers work well as I'm always mucking around with any Feathers & Materials I come across.
    I tie an imitation Moth/Caddis Pattern with Snipe & Quail however Chukar would work Quite well.
    I Shot them in Alaska on The Tundra a few years back they are also known as Red Grouse in Scotland.
    The Pattern.
    Hook : 12-14 you could go Smaller
    Tail : Brown Hackle Fibres
    Tag : Either Fluoro Orange or Green
    Body : Cream to Tan
    Wings : I use Snipe you can use Chukar
    Hackle : I use Quail you can also substitute Chukar.
    You can also dose it with a little Floatant to make it float.
    You will find it a beaut little Fly which should catch Fish anywhere in The US as I caught Cutthroat on a Fly I Took to The US from Australia.

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