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  1. Default white sparkle bugger

    I made this size 10 beadhead bugger. its white hackle ,white marabou, and kinda hard to see in the pic but instead of regular white chenille I used white and pearl flash speckled chenille. maybe it could imitate a baitfish? also made size 8. will make some more later.
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    Default Re: white sparkle bugger

    That will defintely catch fish. I'd make the tail a bit shorter though, you're liable to get short strikes with a tail that long.

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    I was thinking that too cliff. I will use your tip that you told me awhile back to pinch the marabou and tear it instead of cut.. I always over compensate even tho I measure the tail to length??
    just pinched it shorter its way better now! its a size 10 so its small as is. will prolly get sucked in whole. I wish you guys could see the flash of the chenille. no matter how I take a pic it don't show like it does in person! it basically gives off the same flash as the krystal flash in the tail just all throughout the body. just won't show on the camera for some reason.
    "Hey, you.Get your damn hands off my herl !!!!"

    owner of the GL Fishing Forum.

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