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Thread: Must have tropical fly tying materials?

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    Default Must have tropical fly tying materials?

    I made the move last year from Oregon to the tropics. In the process, I sold all my trout and steelhead fly materials, and now just have a handful of saltwater materials (some random vinyl rib, body materials, bead chain, bucktail, etc.). Also only have stainless hooks in size 2 and 4, with ready access to mustad saltwater hooks at the local "Tackle shop"

    What are the go-to saltwater materials I should have in my kit? I.e. what's the equivalent to pheasant tail, peacock herl and marabou (among others, i.e. versatility for various applications)?

    Target species are mainly bones, tarpon and snook. Hoping to encounter the occasional permit, but I doubt I will get too many shots without a boat.

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    Default Re: Must have tropical fly tying materials?

    Much of what you had could have been useful. Marabou & peacock herl is used in many patterns for the salt.
    A good quality craft fur works well for flats type patterns, and both strung rooster saddle and neck hackle are basic to many salt patterns, particularly for Snook or Tarpon flies. Silicone jig skirt materials are useful, and you'll want to add some popper body materials, either something like wine bottle corks that you shape yourself, or pre-made bodies. Topwaters work well for Snook, and some others. Many of the crab patterns are tied with yarns, especially acrylics.

    Calf tail is a popular material for Bonefish patterns, such as the Crazy Charlie series.

    You'll want to get some synthetic hairs too. Kanekalon sold for hair extensions is a good one, or go to Fly Tyers Dungeon & get Congo hair and some of the other synthetics they have.

    There are many more materials, but that's what comes to mind right now!
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    Default Re: Must have tropical fly tying materials?

    Peacock helr and or green floss are on a lot of my streamers. Buck tail, rabbit tail, deer body hair for spining crazy charlies. Dumb bell eyes and bead chain, and 3/0 thread, fLash in various colors, hackle in various colors, flash dubbing, marabou, and chennile are standard. You could also go with epoxy and a dryer plus stick on eyes. I haven't gotten that far yet, but I love the look.

    I would highly reccomend Ed Jaworski's Basic Salt Water Flies. It gives you the classic patterns and you can riff on them from there.

    PS Don't forget a pack of multi colored sharpies to shahe the colors on your bucktails.

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