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    Default Re: What patterns drive you nuts?

    Anything Anything!!! smaller than A 16 my fingers and eyes don't work like they use to. I rarely fish anything smaller than a 16 anyway
    R Reese

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    Default Re: What patterns drive you nuts?

    I've made a lot of flies in my time as a fisherman. Big flies, tiny flies, flies that were super realistic and plenty of Bi Visible for brookies that are as simple as they get. I always liked the pattern The Irresistible but when you get down to a tiny spun body you need the right deer hair and a very deft touch. I can still tie about any fly I choose to make but I avoid married wings. I can do this but the amount of time spent building a wing can all become a waste if the wing blows up when you go to fasten it onto the hook.

    It can be quite frustrating and is the reason you don't find many of these in my boxes.

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: What patterns drive you nuts?

    I can't actually say any of them now "Drive me Nuts" to Tie as I've spent heaps of time figuring out how to Tie some of them before The Videos came around.

    I might be a Slow learner however after many years I only now Tie The Flies I use as it's a waste of time tying Flies which are seldom used & believe me I've Tied plenty of them even though from time to time they have caught Fish they just crowd Fly Boxes & take up Space.
    I'm still finding Flies I tied when I used to Buy Trout & Fisherman which I first bought in 1986 with Brian Peterson on The Cover Trout & Salmon Fly Fisherman & others as I Tied many new Flies which were featured.

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    Default Re: What patterns drive you nuts?

    Then microfibet tails. Tried every trick in the world to get them to splay perfect. Now I'm in the mood to tie some RS2"s. Say it ain't so.

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    Default Re: What patterns drive you nuts?

    [ame=]Tying Dry Fly Tails with Microfibetts - YouTube[/ame]
    Poor quality materials and tools are destined to discourage beginner tiers and cause greater expense when the time comes to replace them.


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    Default Re: What patterns drive you nuts?

    I still struggle to get wings on traditional wet flys correct. After a lot of practice, reading about it and watching them being tied, mine still don't look that great.
    I know the fish don't care, but it's something I still struggle with to get consistent results
    "We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilisation."

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    Default Re: What patterns drive you nuts?

    Generally,I hate to work with deer hair,specially roe deer ..not my stuff!
    Always hate that trimming and small pieces of waste flying in every possible direction there are
    But,I do make them,thousands of them

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