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    Default Re: Best go-to fly of your own creation?

    This is one I made up in the late 70s that has caught trout, salmon, steelhead in 27 US States and numerous Canadian Provinces and Foreign countries.

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    Default Re: Best go-to fly of your own creation?

    Hand crafted wood fly boxes.

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    Default Re: Best go-to fly of your own creation?

    Very cool fly and story to back it up !

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    Default Re: Best go-to fly of your own creation?

    Like many here I tie flies, I don't always tie existing patterns. When you come up with something that really catches fish you tend to use it all the time. Even though that may equal catching fish, is it happening because my fly is so good or could I do it with anything?

    I've ask myself that regarding several patterns over the years. But of all the flies I've tied & fished with, whether they were originated by someone in Maine, or something I dreamed up,........... there's one that I made, I used it for about 10 years on Spring Creek PA. and Fishing Creek PA. among many others. It really caught a bunch of fish in heavily fished streams. Maybe because I'm good at using it and maybe, just maybe because it looked like it would be fun to eat, to the fish. The Evolution of the Answer by Ard Stetts for Salmonfly.Net

    It's just some fly, I don't fish brown trout anymore but it was my fly.

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

    Life On The Line - Alaska Fishing with Ard
    Ard's Forum blog, Alaska Outdoors

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    Default Re: Best go-to fly of your own creation?

    Mine are micro buggers minus the hackle. Cheap and easy plus it works. Those stockers, on my home waters, like that flashy ice dubbing.

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    Loving these responses! Keepem coming, It really helps the creative juices.

    I like to tie creatively but I often get hung up and lose confidence before I even fish it. Part of it is that I am a greedy fishermen and I rarely start testing my creations until I'm at least 10 fish into a good trip (Which sometimes, admittedly doesn't happen.).

    I have built my rods, tied my flies, the next logical step is to head out with a box full of original bugs (For now I'll pretend I machined my reels and cured my own lines).

    I have a hard time not keeping some variation of a Hare's Ear somewhere in my nymphing rigs. However, when things get slow I always throw my "LR10" on as the lead fly year round. (LR- Last Resort #10)

    Sorry my phone takes awful fly pics! #10 Mustad 79578, Hare dub body, Orange laser dub thorax, Chartreuse Krystal flash rib, Mottled turkey shell, Olive Grizz soft hackle, red 8/0 thread.
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    Default Re: Best go-to fly of your own creation?

    I like to keep my flies simple- why try to out think a critter with a brain the size of a peanut?

    My favorite "creation" is a midge pattern. Teeny hook, wrap with your preferred color thread (black and red are my fav'z). Then wrap floss over that. When wet, the floss turns opaque, yet gives the fly "body". Drives 'em wild around here.


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    Default Re: Best go-to fly of your own creation?

    In preparation for a steelhead trip last October I tied what I called a "Steelhead Clouser". No pictures, but it's just a Clouser with white bucktail on the top, either bead chain or lead eyes, and then purple and black bucktail on the bottom with some Krystal Flash mixed in. Instead of using white thread I used red. I thought it was a pretty sharp looking fly, and evidently so did the steelhead because I caught a small one with it.


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