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  1. Default beginner fly tying kit

    i already know that the standard suggestion is to buy everything seperate
    but !!

    if you were a beginner and wanted to start with an INEXPENSIVE KIT !!
    just to get started say ($40-60 max )

    which one would you choose of the kits out there i have materials avalible
    locally so just a vice and tools would probably work ok for me for the time being also

    in just looking to tie some bluegill and crappie flies and wont use the kit for much else so not looking to go ballistic just yet

    the cabelas standard kit looks like it might be ok but anything else out there that might be better ??
    also forgot i have a friend who is into it and ties his own so i have access to free lessons and help with materials list so i have that covered
    thanks for any info

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    Default Re: beginner fly tying kit

    Pick a vise from here:

    Standard Vises-Hook & Hackle

    Pick a set of tools from here:

    Fly Tying Tool Kits-Hook & Hackle


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    Default Re: beginner fly tying kit

    I got a Cabela's Deluxe tool kit for Christmas. Great starter kit, and they have decent deals on material kits as well. You get a little bit of everything to get started. I will admit though, since getting started I've added considerably more to my materials. I'm hooked... was THIS big!

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