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Thread: Lili popper

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    Was thinking about some spots with lili pads that is accessible with a floating frog with a bait caster reel but not on the fly, anyone know of any toppwater patterns with the hook pointing up?

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    I was tying bend back Dahlberg Divers just the other day.
    They're not for everyone though as they need a 3/0 saltwater hook to ride upright
    The recipe came from the April/May 1999 issue of Warmwater Fly Fishing magazine
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    keel flies
    sandfly/ bob
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    The Gutless Frog uses foam bent around the hook to create a weedless design...hard to explain, but a quick google search will provide you plenty of examples.

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    What about tying in a 40# mono weed guard?

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    This guy is assembled by melting a hole through the foam with a hot bodkin. With legs (as shown) or wings to orient the fly on the surface, the hook can be added up or down, straight through the foam or angled to put the hook point high above the water or right at the surface.

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