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    Default Ordered me a new vise today

    Tax return came in so got a fee things I'm going to get. So first off been wanting a nice vise so today I ordered me a anvil atlas rotary vise.
    Should be here first part of the week can't wait to get it

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    Default Re: Ordered me a new vise today

    You'll love it.

    A couple of quick notes...

    1. The stiffness in the rotary function will loosen up over time

    2. Put a dab of locktite on the little rotary handle.

    3. there are 2 grooves in the jaws. One towards the tip of the jaws for smaller stuff and one towards the base for bigger stuff.

    That's all. Carry on. Enjoy
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    Default Re: Ordered me a new vise today

    I had an anvil apex years ago and was really pleased with it as well as the customer service anvil has. The apex I had was probably around 10 years old and hadn't been used much the last time I did use it and the jaws had gotten rusted up. Called anvil and within a few days had a brand new set of jaws in the mail at my house. Can't complain about that

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    Default Re: Ordered me a new vise today

    Have you received the new Atlas yet? I got mine about 2 1/2 months ago and have been really pleased with it. I would recommend taking a scotch brite pad to the area where the cam comes in contact with the adjustment nut on the jaw housing in order to get the coating off. Also, I sprayed that whole area with some white lithium grease to free up the movement. It was pretty stiff before that, but having done those two things it's much easier to operate now.

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    Default Re: Ordered me a new vise today

    It should be in tomorrow sometime by the tracking number. I can't wait to get it.

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    Default Re: Ordered me a new vise today

    I have 2, 1 that I leave at my camper and a 2nd that stays home. Great vise and I won't say "for the price" because I have tied on lots of higher priced vices that I wouldn't even consider for my Apex. You will enjoy tying on it for many years to come.

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    Default Re: Ordered me a new vise today

    Congrats on a new vise. Love them tax returns,,I have THREE fly tying supply orders coming in. Restocking my hooks from Allen's, a dark barred ginger hen cape from Feather Europium plus a couple or few other 'feathered' things,,and some supplies from J. Stockard.
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    Default Re: Ordered me a new vise today

    Got my order from j stocksrd today but my vise did not come in. So hoping for tomorrow for it to come in.

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