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Thread: sculpin heads

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    Default sculpin heads

    A fly shop around here was going out of business and I got a ton of the Trina's bullet heads for MFC, I was just wondering how you guys attach these to the trail hook.

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    here is the limited instructions on how to tie a pattern with the bullet heads that i could find on the web

    disclaimer: this is not my pattern its from the internet

    somehow you just need to make a flexible connection between the end of the bullet head and the trailing hook

    Norm’s Bullet Head

    The Bullet Head is an epoxy head formed on a short piece of wire.

    The trailing hook is threaded through a loop tied to the end of the wire.

    Head: Medium gold Trina’s Sculpin Bullet Head. (Montana Fly
Company markets this product. Adam Trina is the head honcho
at Montana Fly.)

    Hook: Gamakatsu S11S-4L2H or another 4X-long streamer hook, size 8.

    Thread: Olive 6/0 (140 denier).

    Body: 30-pound-test Tuf-Line Plus green braided line with an
olive variant rabbit strip on top and a brown barred rabbit strip on bottom. Bond the rabbit strips to the line with TearMender adhesive.

    Hackle: Olive variant soft hackle.

    Collar: Chartreuse Midge Cactus Chenille.

    Editor’s note: It would take an adventuresome tier to replicate
this pattern based solely on the recipe; someday we will get the author to write an article about how to make this fly. What 
we want you to take away here is the fact that larger baitfish imitations work great for catching larger alpine trout.


    contact adam trina at mfc:


    be creative. experiment
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    Default Re: sculpin heads

    Thanks flytire I will play around and do some experimenting with the bullet heads. I'll post some pics when I get some tied up.

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