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    Default Sulphur Poly Wing Dun

    I found this pattern online a while back and liked it a lot. I modified it slightly from the version I saw by tying the wing in a little farther back and tilting it backwards like real mayfly wings. I also tie the hackle all in front of the wing. This one is a size 18 sulphur imitation. On the smaller sizes I don't bother with dubbing the body so this one has a body of just tying thread. I left the hackle full on this one but you can clip a v-notch out of the bottom to make it ride lower in the water. Let me know what you think.

    Here's the recipe:

    Hook: size 18 standard dry fly
    Tails: dun microfibbets, split 2 per side
    Wing: white Z-lon or para-post
    Hackle: medium dun
    Body: Yellow thread

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    NICE! Thanks

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    Very nice tie should catch some nice fish the trout up our way love the sulfers going to make some of those this weekend and give them a try thank you keep them coming!

    Allen Landheer
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    Default Re: Sulphur Poly Wing Dun

    Hi dshort,

    Very nice tye. The wing treatment is exceptionally good.


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    Excellant fly..........

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    Default Re: Sulphur Poly Wing Dun

    Thanks guys. I'll be testing these out in May on the South Holston River in TN. The sulphurs hatch there from mid April thru at least October. So you know those fish have seen every sulphur pattern ever created so I've been trying to tie up a bunch of different variations.

    This is an emerger pattern I hope will be effective too:

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