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    Default Re: Tip of the week

    Great thread . We had the same one a few months ago. Frank , Could you combine them.... Mine for this week is if you have trouble with Hackle slipping out of your hackle pliers ( for those who use the clamp type) glue a small piece of fine sandpaper on one or both of the clamps. It will make them hold a lot better............I have the next 20 or so weeks of tips covered so we'll keep this going...

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    Default Re: Tip of the week

    Auntie Em: I like your popsickle idea, much better than my old credit card idea. A strip of credit card with the velcro glued to one end. Problem with that was too much give in the plastic. I'm going to give your idea a try!

    dman: Your tie rack organizer looks like a great idea, I'm going to try to fins one of those. Your tying desk is way too organized, you need to get out more! LOL!

    I don't know how many years I have tied and manually threaded my bobkins. You know push the thread in on one end and then try to suck it out the other. Best investment I ever made was getting one of those threaders, boy do they make threading a bobkin easy. They come in those C&F fly boxes.


  3. Default Re: Tip of the week

    Quote Originally Posted by mcnerney View Post

    dman: . Your tying desk is way too organized, you need to get out more! LOL!

    Larry , that picture is really old ...what's organization.

    Speaking of bobbin about the floss threaders.....

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    Default Re: Tip of the week

    Wow some great tips I think this thread is going to to be a good one. Heres one from me, i use small post it notes to mix epoxy on they are cheap and disposable and i use a tooth pick to mix and apply with. I keep using the tooth pick over and over and i now own the worlds strongest tooth pick. Ok one more, being a saltwater guy and most of my tying is done with bucktail i like to mix colors in a stacker to give the fly that iridescent look that most bait fish have or just to come up with a new 1 of a kind color, sometimes i mix some flash in with it.

  5. Default Chenille storage

    Well I did not see this one posted here yet, and I had posted it on another forum with great reviews. Just thought I would share.

    What you will need:

    * Chenille
    * 35mm film canister’s
    * ¼ inch drill bit
    * drill
    * sharpie
    * pen
    * tape

    All of my canisters were free!!!! I just asked for them at any store that processes film, Walgreen’s, Wal-Mart, etc…

    1. First take and drill a ¼ inch hole in the top center of the 35mm film canister cap.

    2. Take the cap off the 35mm film canister and insert pen.

    3. Mark the top of the 35mm film canister on the pen.

    4. Remove pen and tape down chenille just above the mark you just made on the pen.

    5. Start wrapping the chenille just below the line on the pen. Wrap back and forth until all the chenille is on the pen, below the line.

    The key to making this work is the wrapping of the chenille. You want to keep some tension on the chenille but not too much, if to much is applied it will be tough to remove the pen later, and will also crush your chenille. Also note that the wraps must be side by side if there is any over lapping of wraps it will cause an issue later during usage of storage container.

    6. Insert the pen with the wrapped chenille in to the 35mm film canister.

    7.Remove the tape from the pen.

    8.Hold the chenille in place with one hand and slowly remove the pen from the rapped chenille with the other.

    9.Take the 35mm film canister cap and feed the tag end (the one you taped down) of the chenille in to the hole and place cap on to the canister.

    10.Label and use. The chenille will unravel from the inside out. If the chenille will not pull out smoothly, redo steps 4-10 paying close attention to step 5.


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    Default Re: Flytying tips and techniques.......

    Hi to all,

    I have merged the two threads about fly tying tips.


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    Default Re: Flytying tips and techniques.......

    Great stuff all!!

    I'll take a stab at putting this all in one place in the FAQ's section and organize it a bit into different categories for all to take a look. I'll put it together late tonight and post for all to see.


  8. Default Re: Flytying tips and techniques.......

    To keep your tools handy...if you don't mind drilling holes...I really like this one

  9. Default Re: Flytying tips and techniques.......

    When I tied saltwater flies, there was a need to mix epoxy with coloring or sparkle stuff. On my tying bench, I fixed a white ceramic tile (so it wouldn't move) that I mixed 2 part epoxy on. I could see the color clearly and only needed one hand to scoop up a dab on a stick to apply to the fly. when almost dry, the leftover could be lifted with a razor blade.
    The tile is still mounted just to the right of my vise, and still serves as a background contrast for materials and small hooks (old eyes).

  10. Default Re: Flytying tips and techniques.......

    When finished with a fly and the head cement or other glued areas are still wet a quick and easy way to set them aside is to impale the hook on a pencil eraser...golfers have lots of pencils...and yes they have erasers.

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