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  1. Default Pre-applying floatant

    Anyone ever experimented with applying a powder floatant to your dry flies while tying? For example....working it into the dubbing, or hackles as you are tying the fly.

    If so, what results have you had? Do they float higher longer?

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    Default Re: Pre-applying floatant

    Hi Dorian,

    I have not used a powder floatant but I have use Hydrostop. It works very well on floating things and is easy to apply at the desk. I always pre-soak my indicator yarn before I go to the river.


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    Default Re: Pre-applying floatant

    Hi Dorian,

    I've done both the things that Frank mentioned, "Hydrostop" from Loon Outdoors is very good.
    Also have some "Water Shed" sitting on the bench to try, been sitting there about 3 yrs, I suppose I ought to try it eh.

    Another thing I was taught years ago by my Mentor was to give all your dry flies a dusting of silicone or Scotch guard when you get all done tying them up.

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    Default Re: Pre-applying floatant

    I used to tie up a few dozen dry's & put them in a paper lunch bag & spray them down with "Scotchguard' inside the bag. now I use Hydrostop or tie with CDC

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