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  1. Default Where to get materials?

    Where can I get materials to tie? My wife suggested the craft section of a retail store, but it doesn't seem to be exactly what I am looking for. The chenille looks too big, the feathers look too bulky, etc. Can anyone give me some pointers?

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    A craft store does have some things that can be used. They got lots of yarn for yarn bodies and other bodie parts. Ive even found colored wire. If you do get thread for tieing make sure it is nylon. I;ve tried regular yarn and it breaks easily and usually comes unravled which can make a hard to tie. If you take a good beginners tieing book with when you head there, it should help you match your needs to what fly patterns you want to make. Feathers can easily be trimmed down if you know what to look for. Latly make sure the things you are looking at buying can stand up to being in water and will stand up to being hit by a fish.

    Other then that Cabelas, Bass Pro, and a few other on-line shops offer fly material you can buy directly. Or do what I do, keep the feathers from bird hunting. If you dont hunt find someone who does. That will keep you in feathers at least. You can do the samething with finding hair. Cat hair can actually work well. Find or hunt deer and color it yourself. Or talk with someone from the hiway depertment and ask for peaces of road kill. That should keep you in plenty of hair and fur. Myself I keep a lot of upland feathers and waterfowl feathers. I pick my other things up at our local store that sells fly stuff.
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    Hi NRA,

    Take a peek at this link. Blue Ribbon Flies \\ Merchandise \\ Fly Tying

    Quality materials from super nice people.

    Call and tell em your a fairly new tyer, they will take good care of you.

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