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Thread: Thread storage

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    Like others I have a sewing thread rack on my desk. It holds the colors and sizes I use most along with wire, etc. For the rest I have a nice thread storage from Joanne's. Grabbed some lots of fly tying materials from a buddy and a elderly tier and am surprised how often something in there comes in handy even if I wouldn't have bought it individually.
    - William

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    While looking for thread storage ideas, I came across this

    Price ranges from $39 - $49.

    Cabela's has it for $199.00.

    While plinking around I also found Wapsi Uni-Thread 6/0 White on ebay for $9.99....shipped for free.

    How can this be the case!!

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    This USA bit off topic, but I have a bag full of fly tying thread that I’d be happy to send anyone who wants to store it...

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    I like these. The foam hold the thread and keeps things nice and tidy. Not that my work space is tidy, but these help. UTC Spool Box | FishUSA

    This is what the uni spools come in if you buy sets. They are much more reasonable. F1041 Uni Thread Storage Box at

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