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  1. Poppers

    Hey Guys and Gals,

    i am learning how to ty poppers (finally) and I am wondering if anyone can advise me on the best way to make a hole to pull the rubber legs through. I'm using styrofaom bodies, so i've been heating up a sewing machine pin and pu**** through; seems like there should be a better way though.

    thanks for your time and insight in advance.

    alex guthrie
    Flying Al

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    Hi Alex,

    A Dremel tool with a very small drill bit will work. The advantage of the drill bit is you can get different sizes. In some Styrofoam it will melt its way instead of cutting. If you don't want to mess up a drill bit then you can use a very Small nail or piece of wire. You have to file or grind a flat point that is flat on one side. The flat edges will do the drilling.


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    melt it through baby... i've run across this method a few times and will do it myself when i attempt some poppers soon. i just ran across this recipe for a sneaky pete and it shows how it's done with a heated bodkin, though i've read a nail works too. no mess from drilling. it's the eighth step down:

    fresno, ca

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    Another trick is to hold a bodkin above a flame until it is glowing, and use that to melt/punch a hole through the popper body. Then, after it has cooled, use one of the blue floss threaders you can find at the drugstore, and thread a single long piece of rubber leg material through it. The hole should be small enough to where you have to grab the other ends of the rubber, and the non looped end of the threader, stretch the rubber, pull the threader through the popper body, and position the legs where you want them. Once positioned, cut the rubber loop to free the threader, and you got a total of four legs sticking out of the hole you made.

    Add a small dab of superglue where the legs go into the hole on both sides and you're all set.

    Or you can just use short popper bodies and tie in the legs on the hook shank behind the popper body. I prefer that approach personally. I'll try to post a picture of a fly tied like that later.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    thanks cliff,

    that's exactly what i've been doing. i use my thread lopper to pull the legs through. i was hoping to find a different way to make the hole but it sounds like i'm on the right track.

    thanks ,

    Flying Al

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    thanks guys - as always your advice is very appreciated.
    Flying Al

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