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    Default New to Glue: Best for eyes and sealing - 2016

    So I have only ever used one type of glue aside from regular SUPER Glue.

    I am trying to tie some flies for Florida for both fresh and salt situations and I need to put eyes (another new trick) on these things. Before I spend $$$ trying and failing at getting the right stuff to both stick the eyes on, and cover and seal them... I wanted to see if there was a consensus pick. I know this is a topic many have chimed in on, but it seems like every year there is a new glue or product that everyone swears by.

    I don't mind investing in a UV set up, but Id like as broad of use products as possible.

    Will be tying Deceivers, Clousers, little baitfish imitations etc...


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    Default Re: New to Glue: Best for eyes and sealing - 2016

    **warning, 2nd hand advise**

    I have heard that tear mender works very well for this and have been meaning to pick some up and give it a try but have not yet gotten the chance. My source and fishing buddy recommended this to me for gluing eyes on streamers. Mine were falling off and his stayed put after a long day fishing.

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    Default Re: New to Glue: Best for eyes and sealing - 2016

    5 or 30 minute epoxy has always been a good choice of adhering eyes to flies
    Poor quality materials and tools are destined to discourage beginner tiers and cause greater expense when the time comes to replace them.


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    Default Re: New to Glue: Best for eyes and sealing - 2016

    I've also heard that Tear Mender works well for attaching eyes (stick on) to heads made of wool, dubbing, etc., but no actual experiece.

    What I do use, is the pink bottle (see below, found at hobby lobby) for securing dumbell eyes after I've tied them to the shank, and to secure the articulation wire and finishing wraps (think head cement) on my streamers. A little goes a LONG way, and the thread seems to soak it up quickly. Be careful that it doesn't soak into your bobbin because you will ruin your thread. It dries pretty quickly and is cheap (compared to uv resin).

    The blue/grey bottle is what I use to attach eyes to the heads of streamers (like the Tear Mender above). It won't saturate the material, and it will give you time to position the both eyes at the same time.

    Now, I will use uv resin to shape craft fur heads and to seal the head/eyes if the pattern calls for it.

    I guess the answer to your question, is you must have multiple adhesion there is not one "ideal" solution. I guess you could use the uv resin for all applications, but I'm cheap and use superglue when I can.

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    Default Re: New to Glue: Best for eyes and sealing - 2016

    Any THICK super glue type glue works well for eyes. As for sealing, it depends on what you mean by that. Are you just trying to put a thin layer over the eyes? Hard as nails works well for this. Want a thicker layer over everything and maybe even form a head with it? Then uv resin is the way to go.

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    Default Re: New to Glue: Best for eyes and sealing - 2016

    So what I seem to be hearing is that for the most part sticking the eyes isn't a problem. Last year, I used my normal dry fly stuff -- its the Z-ment stuff, and it worked ok for a while, but eventually the eyes came off the fur/dubb/etc...

    I am probably going to try a combo of super/glue/whatever...

    And that get some UV resin for shaping the heads and putting/forming a head.

    When it comes to UV resin, is Loon the good option?

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    Default Re: New to Glue: Best for eyes and sealing - 2016

    Loon seems to be the most economical choice. I've yet to use it as I've still got plenty CCG. But it would be my next choice when I need to re-up as it gets good reviews and CCG is expensive but works well

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