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Thread: hi vis foam spiders!! ahhhh!!!

  1. Default hi vis foam spiders!! ahhhh!!!

    this is for the new foam fly swap!! loved the wet fly swap and am ready for the foam/terrestrial swap now. here is the pattern I am tying. ok... pretend you are a lil spider and you fall into the water and are trying your best to get to shore!! just give it some lil twitches and swim. next thing you know! Bam! you got a fish!! this works for me all summer or when spiders are around! caught bass gills and creek chubs on it. but here is a secret tip.. I add some peacock under the foam and twist it on the thread and wrap it up to make it more durable. the peacock drives the fish crazy plus gives the spider a hairy bottom! here is it is. 1st step cut foam 1 3/4th inch long and pretty thin for a size 12 hook. next tie it on the hook. then add some peacock and tie it in. now wrap the peackcok herl around the thread and wrap that up the shank. bring thread back 1/2th way before the eye. pull foam over. tie in. then add legs. next wrap under foam to the front by the eye but just a lil before the hook eye. then fold over remaining foam and tie down and add hi vis yarn. flame is what i used. after that bring thread to eye and wrap and half and whip and use head cement. I can make um quick! they work great! plus they are hard to lose cause you can't snag um on underwater stuff
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