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Thread: Egg Yarns

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    Does anyone else have a problem using the stringy type yarn to tie eggs? I bought a friends fly tying stuff and it has some egg yarn in it that is mostly formed into a strand and I cant seem to tie any proportional sized eggs with it, but I bought some today that is more like a clump that worked great. Is it just me. I think the strand type is woven too tight or something. But this new stuff is the cats butt if you ask me.


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    What kind or brand was the "clump" yarn you bought? I've tried McFly foam and a bunch of others but have the same problem as you when it comes to proportional size. In a pinch, I've used those little yarn "pom poms" from a arts & crafts store with pretty good success. Build a thread base, push the barb through the middle of the pom pom, add a little Zap a Gap to the thread, and slide the pom pom up over that. Presto, you're done.

    I've tried all different recipes, but haven't found one that's easy for me to get the yarn to flare correctly. Anyone found a "no brainer" they'd like to share?



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    I bought it at Sportsman's Warehouse. It was the store brand. Where the other brand I have is spun into a bout a 1/2 inch strand this is about an inch thick. So I separated it in half and pulled it through a drinking straw, pulled about 3/4 of an inch through and make my wraps at the end of the straw, then two up front, two in the back, then whip finish at the front and pull it all up and cut about 1/4 over the hook. I needed some new scissors so I ordered some Ice tempered Anvils from Bass Pro with a christmas gift card I had. I think a lot of my problem is the old scissors I have. Well we will see.

    I did try using a few other yarn holder ideas I found on the net but he straw works the best for me. Another that worked ok was an old BIC stick pen with the innards pulled ou, but it seemed to hold the yarn a bit too tight.

    I was thinking about getting some 3/16 aluminum tubing. I have a Regal Vise with the material holder spring at the top and it is hard to work around with the straw. I was thinking about a 4 inch tube with a bend in it to get around the holder but just havent tried it yet.

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    I like mcfly foam it makes really good round eggs. it does hang up on my calloused finders a lil tho. glo bug is a lil harder to work with but still works good for me.
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    Another option is to actually cut the yarn up smaller and make dubbing out of it, then just spin a dubbing noodle on the thread and then wrap an egg on the hook, works better for small to medium sized eggs or clusters.

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    Hi to all,

    I tied a bunch of eggs when I lived in Alaska. Here are some things that worked for me. I use Glo Bug yarn and it worked good for me. Make sure you use heavy shanked hooks made for eggs. I like size 8 hook. The best thread is Kevlar. When you over wrap the yarn onto the hook make sure you really cinch it down tight. Make each over wrap is directly on top of the last wrap. Don't use too many wraps. After your over wraps are complete and you have wrapped next to the over wrap on the front and back make a couple of horizontal wraps around the base of the over wraps and whip finish by hand. I find that whip fishing by hand helps keep the wraps tight.

    Here is a link to a tutorial on how to tye a Glo Bug egg. I don't agree with his choice of 8/0 thread. I got better results with Kevlar as I can pull it tighter.

    I have not used the McFly egg yarn but understand it is a bit more spongy.


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