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  1. Default Best navigation system

    I just got my Furuno navigation system from - The Alternative to Retail Prices and it works like a charm. We can't wait to cross Lake Okeechobee and test it out for a long stretch.

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    Today any GPS is a good one. Even those that only show a starting point and a trail can easily help when you get lost. Just the fact they show you where you were and have started can make any trip easy. However, you need to know how to use it. MrEsox says make sure you read the book on it and learn the basics. Was up on Lake of the Woods in Northern MN a few years back Musky fishing with my father. We were in his boat and he got lost. The GPS was right but he forgetting a few simple things, got lost and did not know how to use the GPS. Also GPS's dont always work. Since they are computerized they can fail. Be prepaired for the worst and still know what whay is the right way to find home.
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