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Thread: Snipe

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    Anothdr great source of soft hackle materials used to be from English Angling Trappings ,but thats not the same now,Try another Like Great Feathers Flyshop they aresouth of you and i Pocono.Located in Maryland ,their website is Kidd will be the guy to talk to they carry cookshill psoducts as well as many other great skins too,i just got an english red grouse skin to replacethe feathers i got in a bag few years ago,the skin is primo, as comparable as Fred Reese's skins were.I've also spent gobs of money at Blue Ribbon Flies and can attest that they also have top notch when it comes to skins and elk hair.
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    Thanks for the tip on Greatfeathers. I use Cookshill and Blue Ribbon as suppliers on a regular basis and agree that their products; particularly the skins, are very good.

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