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  1. Default 5/16 Opal Prizmatic tubing

    Hey folks just bought some of this stuff at a sale in my local sports shop. Universal Vise is the maker/seller. Made some minnow flies out of it on larger hooks for pickerel and pike. Anybody got a good pattern? Strictly a big fly material.

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    Default Re: 5/16 Opal Prizmatic tubing

    If i'm not misstaken you have to stuff it, pull it, and ty it off if you want to get anything into it. Kinda sounds like some fun stuff. If you are looking for something for Pike, you can not go wrong with anything brightly colored. I like orange and chartrues. Also since you have some nice shinny stuff already, just stuff it with some more flashboo or something like EP fiber. Make it long enough to form a tail. Ty that part off. Next take some other fiber or buck hair (or any hair/fiber will do) and stack it on top. You can also use maraboo if you feel like getting detailed. Lastly put an eye on it. To start I'd make 3. One all of maraboo, one all fiber, and one buck hair (rabbit squirl or calf hair will work also). See what one you like the best. And try and use it for the body. Focus on that then put other things around it to accent it.
    Here is a site that may help you.

    Also make sure you use epoxy or super glue and often. You get a good sized pike on these things and they'd make fast work of it. To me this stuff would make a great start of an all epoxy minnow type bait. I have a fly I picked up a few years ago that looks a lot like something you could make. Thing is, after a few pike (behind a casting bubble not on a fly rod) it still was looking good. The only damage was a little chip of the epoxy coat that was easily repaired. Hope this helps
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