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  1. Question Translucent Body Material


    I'm looking for a translucent body material similar to "Stretch Body" (available in various colors)... Basically I would like to be able to dub an under body and then wind this body material over it for a stonefly nymph I am trying to tie up...

    Also, if anyone out there knows where I can find "Stretch Body" online that too, would be helpful... so far I've only been able to find it on European web sites...

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    First I'd suggest checking at your local fly shop for :
    Hareline Dubbing - Nymph Stretch Skin Natural Latex.

    I use this product to tie up some awesome "grub" like
    flies. When you tie it in, tie it securely, then stretch
    it tight & it will become semi transparent. With some
    of my flies using this material I will actually color the
    finished fly with a permanent marker for different color
    variations & then seal it with head cement.

    If your shop does not carry it try checking the web for
    sites that may have that brand. It works for me.

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    Seth, take a look at your local craft stores in the beading area of the shop. My local shop carries an elastic cord for making bracelets. It comes in various colors and sizes; I have tied some small stones with black 0.05mm size and they look good. I also played around with some od the clear cord over various colored thread bodies, they look very nice.


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