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    Whats the easiest way to tie a parachute post?


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    There are many ways you can do that. It would depend to some extent on the type of fly. All you are doing is to apply a means that you can wind a hackle around.
    You can use the stem of the hackle for one, post wing yarn, foam, deer hair etc will all work.
    Do you have a specific kind of fly that you intend to do this with.

    There are hooks that also have the post fixed, as of course a metal addition.
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    Thanks Davy. There is a good parachute procedure on FAOL (Fly Anglers Online). Check their Fly of the Week section, Archives, 3rd quarter of 2003 for the Blue Wing Olive Parachute. They've got detailed step by step photos. Seems like I've seen an article somewhere that showed how to loop up some monofilament or something to tie a simple parachute. If I can locate it, I'll post it.

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    I think the easiest way to tie a parachute post is with any synthetic material. I say this because you can tie it in long and then trim it. all the natural materials i know of for this purpose need to be tied in at the given height. I generally use polypro yarn and trim it as the last step when tying the fly.

    I must admit however that i don't tie parachutes much because i view them as more hassle than they are worth. I'll use a no-hackle in the same situation, as they are much easier to tie.

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    hi, how do you guys wip finish on your paras, do you finish on the post or on the shank?

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    I don't whip finish on the post at all. I wrap it sufficiently, and go back to making wrappings around the hook shank. Just whip finish by the hook eye when done.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I am sure you have mastered the art of the post by now. Just wanted to add a couple of tips about securing the hackle to the post: (1) make sure you wind each turn of the hackle under the previous turn (start about mid-post with your winds); (2) once the fly is finished, place a small drop of head cement (I use Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails - cheap alternative) at the top of the first wind. This will prevent the hackle from sliding up the post, even after several fish have eaten it.

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    Wow....... I can add nothing to this......very well done folks.

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