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Thread: I'm Excited!

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    Well I tried fishing my first spun deerhair popper on a little pond near my apt. complex. It was slaying fish and seems to be holding up real well. Caught a few 1-2lb. large and smallmouth bass and they were just crushing it on the surface. After a while it started to sit a little lower in the water so I added some floatant and that did the trick. Real excited to tie some more now! They were my first bass on a fly rod too. I think I'll be fishing a lot of warmwater this spring/early summer while the flows are high.

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    Congrats on the success with the spun deerhair popper! Its always a blast to actually catch fish on something you tied up, I'm still amazed at times that I can catch something that I tied (I'm not a great tyer but do enjoy tying).


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