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Thread: Alternatives to Wet A Fly Acrylic?

  1. Default Alternatives to Wet A Fly Acrylic?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post!! I have a question for you guys and was hoping for a little help. I just went onto Wet A Fly's site to buy their acrylic body material and light for making Surf Candy's. when I went to check out, I was floored by how much they are upcharging on their shipping? 20 bucks to ship a small package UPS ground? WTF!!! I refuse to do business with a company who thinks it's OK to screw over their clients from day 1!!! I'm surprised Popovic puts his name on the product...... Does anyone know of an alternative to their acrylic body material? Also, can't a regular high intensity light from Surefire do the same as their Blue Light that they want $75 bucks for? Any help would be appreciated. Best Wishes, Black Bart

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    Just got a call from the owner of the company who seemed to be a pretty decent guy. He explained the reason behind the shipping costs, and gave me locations where I could pick up the material myself. It was nice to get a call from someone. I've been dying to try this stuff out and can't wait to get my hands on it!! Hopefully, they will get it in the larger stores soon

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    Orlando Outfitters, Orlando, Fl. Great Price & Free Shipping on orders over $40 bucks!!! (407) 896-8220

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