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    Won a kit on Ebay and it has a Thompson Ultra vise in it. It is an older kit that had never been used.

    Is the Ultra a decent starter vise? The materials that came with the kit are worth the cost of what I paid, so if it is a no good vise it is not a great loss.

    Any of you old timers, er I mean more mature fellows have any experience with this model?

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    Hi bilder,

    That's what I started with and used it for a long time. They definitely aren't the best available, but they will work just fine. Once you get some experience though you'll probably want a nicer vice, I upgraded to a Griffin Montana Mongoose and a Renzetti and they really do grip a hook better as well as having some other nice features.


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    Default Re: Thompson Ultra Vise

    Hi bilder,

    I have a Thompson Model "A" on my bench right now. Bought it in 1974. I have one other that my wife use to use. The model 'A" press was the best for its time. I used mine for tying saltwater flies.


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