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sesro1978 07-15-2008 08:29 PM

Quills for Dries...

Anyone have a source for quills for tying dry flies? I've heard that strung Chinese neck hackle (rooster) are good for this purpose but I'm having a tough time sourcing these...any suggestions?


dshort 07-16-2008 05:55 PM

Re: Quills for Dries...
I'm a big fan of these:

McLean's Quill Body

You don't need to soak them and they don't break in the middle of wrapping one on. Also, since they're hollow and won't soak up water, they should help with floatation.

peregrines 07-16-2008 06:09 PM

Re: Quills for Dries...
Most any fly shop will sell packs of stripped dyed quills for about $4 or so for a pack of 25, pre-dyed in the bug color of your choice. Most of the ones I've sen require a presoak before tying to get them supple, but I've never tried McCleans.

Fly shops should also have Indian and Chinese necks for around $4-6 if you want to do the whole bleaching solution, RIT/Veniard/Kool Aid dye thing.

If you need an on-line source, Hook and Hackle has all of that stuff, as would Stockard, Kaufmann etc.

Hope this helps,


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