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    Considering an emergent Caddisfly pupae; would you want the abdomen to be lighter in color or the thorax- generally speaking? I can't seem to find any decent pictures online...


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    Thorax = darker. There’s a pic of a natural here;

    Caddisfly Family Brachycentridae (Apple Caddis and Grannoms) Hatch

    Note that the bodies of the pupa are much lighter and brighter than the adults. here's a pattern with steps:

    Lafontaine’s Emergent Sparkle Pupa

    Virtual Flybox :: Patterns :: Emerging Sparkle Caddis Pupa

    Bright Green body/brown head, Olive body/brown head, Orange body/brown head will probably cover you for most common widely distributed caddis, which probably explains a lot of the popularity of the Partridge and Green and Orange soft hackles which also are very effective during caddis hatches as well.

    A few other combos are gray body/black head and tan body/brown head, but I’d start with bright green and orange ones first..

    Add a few wraps of lead around shank or a black bead head before tying if you want some to fish deeper= Deep Sparkle Pupa- a killer pattern as well as good for searching when nothing is going on on top.


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