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  1. Default Moose and Antelope Hair

    I recently acquired some moose and antelope hair (from a taxidermist who just throws the scraps away). I have never used these two types before and was wondering if anyone knew of a few good patterns that use this hair? Anyone have success using it? Pros or cons?

    It looks like some really good material. There is a lot of variety in the colors of the antelope. Part of the antelope is the gray base w/ white tips, grey base w/ brown tips, and all white.

    Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated


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    Default Re: Moose and Antelope Hair

    JC - great score.

    Antelope is great for spinning. It flares well (hollow hair), and can be used anywhere you see deer body hair used- spun bass bugs, bombers etc, grass hopper patterns etc. Folks also use it to tie Serendipities.

    Moose- the body hair is used a lot for tailing fast water dry flies like Wulffs.
    If you have any moose mane (long mixed black and white hair), you can use that for "quill bodies" on dry flies in black, white or black/white stripes. A Mosquito dry has both white and black hairs wound up the shank to give a black-white look. Maybe a zebra midge too?


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    Default Re: Moose and Antelope Hair

    Great material, antelope is great for spinning, and moose has many uses, tails, quill type bodies...


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