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    I'm wondering if anyone has painted the turkey wings for the stonefly nymph different colors, or if they used a colored dubbing instead of the neutral dubbing. I'm considering a black/red combo, dark purple/black, and a chartreuse/black combo. 3 different patterns which may lead to some interesting results. anyone ever try this before? If you did, was the fly successful?

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    You can get turkey dyed in different colors, or use another material like raffia for the wing pads or back of a nymph.

    As for color of the body, you can use different colors of dubbing, chenille or wool.

    I make mostly just 3 different ones:

    a big black one with black body and dirty orange thorax topped with a black dyed turkey in size 4 or 6 on a 3x long hook

    a large golden stone with dirty yellow body and thorax and dyed brown turkey back size 6-8 on a 3x long hook

    a smallish stone with peacock herl body and short clip of mallard wing for wing pads (not back) size 12 on a 3 x long hook.

    These imitate the naturals around here. But you can make up some "crazy" color combos too if you want by using a variety of different materials like weaving wool yarn or chenille to get different colored top and bottoms, or using all kinds of different stuff for bodies and toppings.

    Here's one that uses chenille for the body and squirrel hair for the topping. It's a very popular Great Lakes pattern for steelhead in all kinds of color combos using chenille and dyed or natural squirrel and may give you some ideas:

    Spring Wiggler
    Fly Tying Instruction for begginers - - The Springs Wiggler Flishing Fly


  3. Default Re: Alternative Stonefly Pattern?

    I already have some of the dyed feathers and yarn picked out. I thought it would make an interesting alternative to the multi-colored wooly bugger for steelhead. The spring wiggler looks like it would be fairly easy to tie as well. nice link. I will see what my mind designs and what the fish think of it. If I can get my hands on a digital camera I will post some pictures.

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