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    Default Ernest Schwiebert Nymph Patterns

    In his book "Nymphs" Schwiebert lists a lot of different patterns but there aren't any photos of them and as the saying goes, a painting (photo) is worth a thousand words. In any event, is anyone familiar with his patterns and are there any images?

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    Default Re: Ernest Schwiebert Nymph Patterns

    Not me. I like pictures too. I am a visual fly tyer, and videos are even better. To just have a recipe alone, is not that beneficial for me in learning to tye a certain fly. But then again, I am new to fly tying. Once I get the hang of it more, maybe just following a recipe will be enough.
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    Default Re: Ernest Schwiebert Nymph Patterns

    The reason I ask is this, Schwiebert contended trout were just as selective on nymphs as with dry flies. Now I use generic patterns like gold ribbed hare's ear, etc and always did so-so and therefore never thought I had to be that careful in selecting a nymph. I known some guys seine a stream to collect nyphs, etc and then match them. In any event this book has a lot of great patterns but no photos which to me is a big loss.
    In any event, how many of you are particular on nymph selection, I have just been using standard patterns.

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    Default Re: Ernest Schwiebert Nymph Patterns

    I Knew and fished with Ernie, and fish his flies..One change i do is use lead instead of pins for the formation of the body.Try his flies you'll be suprised..
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    I think the type of nymph you use depends on what type of fish you are casting to. If they are freshly stocked trout, then a generic pattern will probably do. But if the fish are wild, especially in Western streams, then many times you must be more specific. Anyway, doesn't it get boring tying the same old pattern time after time? Part of the fun of tying for me is the chance to be creative; and you may even catch a fish with your your creation. As far as pictures of the patterns goes, I have found Using Google to be very helpful. Have fun!

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    Default Re: Ernest Schwiebert Nymph Patterns

    If any of you haven't read Ernest Schwiebert then do so, I haven't read one of his books yet that I didn't really enjoy. As I said I never gave nymph patterns that much thought but ES made some really good points, a dry fly is in the surface film and is more difficult for the fish to see that a subsurface nymph, the nymph actually gets a closer inspection!
    If I have any criticism on his books its that he never included any photos of the flies! That applies to matching the hatch and nymphs. I think it would be great if a new addition came out with color photos of his fly patterns- a real improvement.
    I envy any body that got to fish with Schwiebert, a pro's pro.

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