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Thread: new vise

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    i to looked at the peak brand. after much consideration and seeing the price that steve has offered on the renzetti i fiqured i'd be a fool not to go with the renzetti. for the most part i can't comment on the peak brand because you're one of the first people i've heard that uses one.

    one question for you though if you don't mind. started tying steelhead flies for a gentleman at work and was wondering if you have any patterns that work in the lower michigan area. (around niles i believe)

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    Yes. I do have numerous steelhead fly patterns that work rather well. Right now I am at the office & do not have access to my fly database. I will try to gather some patterns for you. Is there anyway to attach text files to these replies ? I have typed up many of my patterns to share with the group of fly fisherman at my church.

    On another note I wish I had known that someone was offering a Renzetti at that price. I defintely would have purchased one from them. That was my first choice, but the amount I had agreed to with my wife was what I spent for the Peak. Not sure if I could return the Peak ?? How long will they offer that price for the Renzetti ?

    Tie One On

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    unfourtantely the renzetti offer fell through. from what steve said there is a dealer about 8 miles from him and renzetti wanted to give that dealer exclusitivity. he mentioned in his post going to the dyna-king. not sure yet what i'm going to do.

    as far as attaching text files i'm not sure but try the manage attachments on this page a little further down.

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    If you have an e-mail address I could send them that way. Not sure if this website has any rules/regulations about communicating in that fashion outside the normal posting of threads. Sorry to hear that the vise deal fell thru. That surely would have been a great deal. If you'd like another suggestion : When purchasing a vise that you plan on keeping/using for sometime make sure you check out the warranty. I know the Peak I bought has a lifetime warranty & I believe that Renzetti is the same. It never hurts to be safe & paying a few more bucks for a good vise has been worth it to me.

    tie one on

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    How do you like the Peak Vise? I may try to get them as well.

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    can't really say i've never tried one or seen one. i know that tie one on uses one and likes it. got lucky though my wife went ahead and ordered me the renzetti from cabelas for my x-mas present. should have it later this week or early next week. will post about it once i get it. if it was me i would try and go for the peak brand after hearing some more on them. good luck. and keep me informed because i know other people that are looking at vises and either can't see the money or just can't afford the price for a renzetti.

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    Pardon... i meant to ask that question to tie one on

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    no problem. but from the way that he talks he likes it very much. from the pictures that i've seen and the prices from cabelas and bass pro shop i like it more than i liked the dyna-king. just my opinion though for what it's worth.(according to my wife about 2 cents if i'm lucky on a good day. lol)

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    Steve @ full creel,

    As I had mentioned early on to freeze69 all of the fly tying classes I've taken at my local fly shop were done on Renzetti's. I too was looking seriously at them till I did a search on the net & read an article from another website. The info I gathered & what I read made me seriously consider the Peak. The vise is very smooth during rotation & the base seems to me to be heavier than the Renzetti. I truly enjoy this vise. If you maybe toying with the idea of selling them, I would recommend doing just that. It never hurts to give the customer as many options as possible. Unfortunately my local shop does not carry them, so I had to visit Cabelas to get mine. It is such a pleasure to finally tie my flies with a rotary, it's so much easier than the stationary one I used for years. Good Luck & hope others look closely at the Peak.

    tie one on

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    OK... The Full Creel is now set up with PEAK. I ordered our stock today. If you need a "SPECIAL" deal on a PEAK Rotary Vise... just let me know.

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