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Thread: Hooks

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    I am new to fly tying and have a question. The recipes in the beginning fly tying book I purchased state to use Tiemco hooks. However, the fly shop I was in yesterday only carried Mustad hooks. Is it just personal preference as to the brand of hooks to use? If the recipe calls for Tiemco but I only have Mustad available how do I know which Mustad hook corresponds to the Tiemco or do they all use the same numbers?

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    If your not confused enough yet...

    Fly Hook Comparison Chart

    You should be able to look at the Tiemko number and find the Mustad nearest to it. The hook size is always the same, 1 is large and 22 is tiny and so on. Make sure you get the size and shaft lenght (2X 4X short, etc.) and type (dry, egg, streamer etc.) to correspond or your in trouble.

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    There probably is a cross reference out there somewhere but what I do is just ask the fly shop. For example, if the pattern calls for a TMC 100 and all they have is Mustad, they will most likely know the correct hook for your pattern. Happens to me all the time, but I find the guys at the local fly shop are pretty knowledgeable.


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    I just use the cheapest hooks I can find.. usually mustad or diiachi or whatever no matter what they call for. I will try to match the hook up to the fly you are making tho. nymph hooks for nymphs, streamer hooks for streamer patterns(buggers,clousers,leeches), etc, I have streamer hooks in size 3x long 6, 8, and 10 I have nymph hooks in 12,14,16, I have dries hooks in the same sizes. also have 10,12,14 egg hooks. thats about all the sizes I use but it depends what your fishing for and where you are fishing. you might need bigger or smaller hooks as needed. I noticed that you can use a dry fly hook for a nymph pattern and a nymph hook for a dry if need be and in a pinch also.
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    Learn to tie with Mustads. They are quite a bit cheaper than the Tiemcos and other Japanese hooks. More fish have been caught on mustads than all the other hooks combined.

    For most dries from #12 to 16 you will want the mustad 94840 standard dry fly for most of your patterns. For hoppers and stoneflies (#6- 12) I use the 94831 (2x fine, 2x long). Mustad also makes a 3x fine hook 94833 which I use for sparsely tied emerger type patterns in (#12-16). Beware this hook breaks easily! Once you start tying small dries (#18 and smaller you may want to switch to the Tiemco 100 as this is a much stronger hook in the small stuff.

    For nymphs and wet flies (#12 and smaller) go with the 79580 (basically 1x strong) or the 9671 (2x long) for #10 and larger.

    For woolly buggers and streamers, it it hard to beat the 9672 (3x long) hook.

    Mustad makes a zillion other hooks but with the hooks listed above you will be able cover 99% of the flies you will need for freshwater.

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    I agree with Guy on hook selection except for nymphs. I do like the 9671 in all sizes for beadheads, but I like the 3906 or 3906B (slightly longer) for standard nymphs. I view these as the standard/basic hook for tying. Mustads aren't very sharp out of the box, but they aren't brittle at all and sharpen up quickly.

    If I'm going to splurge and buy "Premium" hooks, I'll generally buy Orvis. Y'all may have noticed I'm not the biggest Orvis fan out there, but I've found their hooks to be really sharp, not too brittle, and available in some unique shapes that really appeal to me. In particular, I like these for soft hackles and other wets- I like the heavier wire for giving the flies a bit more weight for casting and sinking needs.

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    Hi to all,

    You want some cheap hooks? Check these out. I have not used any.


    TFS 105 Hooks - 25 pack
    Click to enlarge
    Glo bug and egg style hook. Ring eye, 5X short, 2X strong, forged extra strong. We are extending our introductory (2008 only) offer:
    Buy any 10 packages of TFS Hooks, get 1 package free.

    Available Options:Size:46810

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    Thanks Frank... Perfect timing. I'm putting together a hook order for the winter tying I'll be doing. The prices look good.

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    Hi Fishn50,

    Just keep in mind that I have not seen any of those hooks. The Fly Shop is a pretty good outfit and I don't think they would be selling junk. I think they have imported these from somewhere for a good price. I don't know anything about the hooks except they have a great price point.

    I wonder if we have any California members who have tried them?


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    Have to agree with Cliff about the Orvis hooks. They cost more but I probably don't use enough of them for that to be a big deal. Plus, they're sharp and they don't break or bend.

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