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Thread: opossum fur

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    hey guys, i cant seem to find this stuff anywere. im ordering stuff from a fly shop a couple hours from me and they dont have it either. im tying some beadhead olive and tan caddis. Is there anything i can replace this with like regular dubbing or like hare's fur dubbing.

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    Wapsi Fly Company makes a dubbing called 'Awsome Possum'. Google their website and see if you can find a local shop that carries their product. They are one of/if not the largest material supplier in the country so finding them should not be too difficult.

    As far as other dubbing choices, I would think that Hares' Ear dubbing off the mask would have more guard hair in it and give you a "Buggier" appearance, maybe even try some Rabbit fur from the skin, or Zonker strips that you can just pull the fur from the strips.

    Hope this helps.....

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    Hi eaglesfn68,

    If you can't find Awesome Possum here are two alternatives you might want to try. The Sow Scud dubbing has possum in the mix. They are both a buggy mix.


    Slf Squirrel Dubbing
    Item # 204012$1.50

    Another Davy Wotton blend that is a killer combination of squirrel spike and SLF brightness. Try these on the pine squirrel nymphs for as an alternative to a hares ear for a more 'spikey' look. 5 great colors available.
    >> View Item

    Sow Scud Dubbing
    Item # TM011$1.95

    SOW-SCUD DUBBING Specifically for tying life-like SOW BUGS & SCUDS. A sparkling blend of opossum, super-bright dubbing and antron that "dubs" easy, looks buggy. COLORS: (1)Lt-Olive, (2)Olive, (3)Shrimp-Pink, (4)Bighorn-Pink, (5)Amber, (6)Bighorn-Orange, (7)Rainbow, (8)Tan, (9)Lt-Gray, (10)Dk-Gray, (11)Lt-Sow-Bug, (12)Dk-Sow-Bug, (13)Pearl, (14)Sow-Bug, (15)Dead-Orange, (16)Smokey-Olive, (17)Dk-Olive, (18)Lt-Tan, (19)Mysis-Shrimp, (20)Tan-Rainbow, (21)Molting-Scud, (22)Copper-Scud, (23)Dark-Scud, (24)Watery-Olive $1.95/pak OR Any 5-paks $9
    >> View Item

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    A lot of flies call for Australian Possum
    It's different than our domestic opossum

    The Australian possum is readily available
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    Heres a link for Wapsi. Welcome to Wapsi Fly, Inc. Quality Fly Tying Materials since 1945

    Give em a call and I bet they point you in the direction of there closest dealer.

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