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Thread: bead color

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    Seen a few post on adding weight with beads. It made me wonder how many tiers worry about color? I usaly use brass,gold, or copper with tan, brown, olive and such colors, I use silver with white,grey or light color flies and with black I use all bead colors. Is this the way most of you go or do you think I put to much thought into it LOL.
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    The best bead colour is the one you have the most confidence in. I have always been partial to gold for nearly all my bead and cone heads, though I do use other colours. I started using beadheads 15 years ago and can only recall one time where having a different coloured bead seemed to make a significant difference. That particular time, a silver bead outfished a gold bead. I suspect it had more to do with water clarity as the river had a very chalky colour to it.

    I do like a small black bead for the black chironomid pupae common to our local trout ponds.

    I don't like brass as it will discolor fairly easily and lose the sheen.

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    I use nickel eyes on almost all my comets for weight. Silver & gold are the two I use I don't know if the fish notice or not but they help to get them down.

    It seems that I use the gold allot with dark colors and fish them on cloudy days. Silver and bright colors on bright days

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    gold mainly, but will use a red one.

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    I should be getting a batch of buggy-colored, eyed beads this Tuesday. I just can't hardly wait!
    Flymen Fishing Company RealFlyColor Beads™

    Maybe (probably) it's just me, but real bright beads in clear water don't seem to work as well as darker beads. I think the flash maybe spooks trout.

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    Hey Jackster that brings up an interesting thought. I assume your talking about flashy beads on nymphs. May not be so much the flash but how the flash is moving. Nymphs your generally dead drifting but streamers and soft hackles with a little flash seem to do real well. I can see the Stone Man been working on ya.

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    I generally like black beads the best, thinking that this matches dark headed bugs closest. That said, I will frequently tie bead-heads in a more traditional coloration- with brass or copper. If anything, I think copper is the one that can surprisingly save the day at times. It might have something to do with it looking the most like roe.

    For brass eyes, I definitely prefer silver. I tie with stainless beadchain when I can find it, for durability reasons, but its hard to find.

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