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    Default Euro nymph patterns

    I could use a little advice from the hard core Euro guys here. I want to really give this style a solid effort and no time like winter in NE to do it. I have watched a few videos of George Daniel lecture (video/utube) and as best I could hear the poor audio he advocates choosing limited patterns but in various weights.

    What are the go to popular patterns and do you have different ones for anchor and top flies ? So what do you tie and how do you organize your box ?

    I'm going to see about stting in on his lecture at the show, the video pretty much told me I have no idea what I'm doing and there is more to it than I thought.

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    Default Re: Euro nymph patterns

    The one thing i like about tying euro nymph is as you said simplicity. I find the flies are more "conceptual" or "attractor" and less about exact specific species replication.

    I often tie a tail using hackle or biots, and i like to do either thread or flat tinsel as the body and then a simple dubbing wrap behind the bead, you can also use just ultra wire colored wire as the body wrap as well instead of the tinsel wrap or the thread as the body material. either way the body should be kept tight . you can then add a wrap of bright thread behind the bead if you want. sometimes i do sometimes i dont. i dont use wet hackle for anchor flies. i might do like a little tinsel legs or tinsel trimming off behind the bead but thats the most. they are usually tight flies.

    i have heard to keep the design minimal because extra material will create drag and they wont sink as quick or match current as easily. i have not tested this. i just copy the style.

    I usually do them in 12,14,16 - i cant tie anything smaller than a 16 and i only trout fish over the winter months when the bass are shut off ...
    Bright color like a rainbow warrior
    brown in the same sizes
    and then i carry some crazy colors that are one offs for like random occasions. i have some copper body colors, some gold body colors, that sort of stuff.

    but all the flies look the same and i just organize one row for one color right to left. larger size on the left smaller size on the right. i dont play too much with bead sizes because i really dont fish much deeper than 10-12 feet at best.

    hope that helps !

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    Default Re: Euro nymph patterns

    Yes, it helps very much ! I am sorting thru a hook & other material order now and you just clarified for me. Thank you. This should be simple and pretty cheap too.

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    Default Re: Euro nymph patterns

    Look up Lance Eganís frenchie pattern. I tie them in red, blue, and brown variants. I almost always have one on with a small nymph behind it and have had good results. With a tungsten bead and some lead wire these get the rig down quick.
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    Default Re: Euro nymph patterns

    Here are two links that will provide a lot of Euro Nymph designs to get started... and use Google for other patterns...

    Loren Williams

    Fly Tying | all about fly tying

    ...spend some time perusing all of Lucian Vasies' patterns on the above is a Google start:

    Euro Nymphs - Google Search

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    Default Re: Euro nymph patterns

    Thanks guys, this keeps it in perspective. I came across a couple videos with Lance's pattern TX, that seems to be a staple and that link you provided Planet trout is fantastic.

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    Default Re: Euro nymph patterns

    Look at the Modern Nymphing video, they have some of their confidence patterns that have done me well. Devin Olsen ( also has some posted on his blog

    I don't normally like to post the flies I use, but here are some to get you started.

    Egan's Frenchie
    Egan's Tungsten Surveyor
    Perdigon style flies
    Rainbow Warrior
    Egan's tailwater sow bug
    Soft hackle pheasant tail (jig style)
    Guides choice hares ear (jig style)
    Egans Iron Lotus
    Red Hotspot Prince Nymph

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    Default Re: Euro nymph patterns

    Good advice posted above. I'll second the perdigon's, they sink real nice and get down quick. Browse around here for patterns as well:

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    Default Re: Euro nymph patterns

    Like you, Paul, I am interested and just getting started. I can't give you good advice on rigging, but Euro patterns that have worked well for me no matter how I fish them include the Iron Lotus in 12-14 and the Rainbow Warrior in 16-18.

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    Here is a handful of Euro patterns that I wouldn't be without. YMMV which is to be expected, but I think the point is, simplify, focus on technique, and pick fewer than 10 patterns that will cover your situations. Then get comfortable tying those.

    For me:
    - Frenchie or Thread Frenchie
    - Squirmy Wormy
    - a version of a Red Dart/Blowtorch type of fly
    - a scud or sowbug type pattern for spring creeks
    - Pat's Rubberleg Stonefly

    I normally fish 2 nymphs, and one of those 5 is going to be at least one of the two probably 90% of the time.

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