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    Default Re: Your First Fly You Tied


    I still have it! I will post a photo to this thread later this evening. I hope you will see it, I didn't read the instructions that came with my kit back in .............

    Great Thread!


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    mine is posted somewhere on here. it was a hares ear nymph. or as I call it now a wannbe hares ear nymph. lol.
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    Default Re: Your First Fly You Tied

    griffiths gnat, my grandpa tought me how to tie and later with that fly i caught a small rainbow, first on a hand fly i tied, but unfortunately lost it in some bush in my backcast.I was young and just starting to fly-fish.

    Thankfuly i learned how to cast and stopped losing flys except on fish that break my line.

    "I have a river runs through it on blue ray, so yeah, I guess you could say I know a thing or two about fly fishing."

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    I don't remeber what it was called but it was simple and it caught fish, my wife and daugther both caught their first fish on it and we lost a lot of them to the fly eating trees along the Poudre trying to learn our selfs, have since taken lessons for casting and tying, still use this fly though. Here's a picture.
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    I started tying flies long before I started flyfishing. I saw in a kids fishing book about tying flies and I knew a man who fly fished so I wanted to make him some flies. I held the hook in my hand and wrapped on the stuff with swing thread. I did this for a few years until I actually started flyfishing myself and then I bought a real vice, tool, material and such. That was the best purchase ever!

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    Default Re: Your First Fly You Tied

    I remember it well. I tied a white bead head woolly bugger with a weed guard, on a 1/0 hook. I didn't have anything flashy in my kit, so I used Christmas tree tinsel in the tail. And it was HUGE. It caught lots of wind and didn't exactly turn over well, so I had to fish it on a 0X leader. I fished it around weed beds and lily pads for largemouth. That was also the first (and last) time I ever lost my entire leader to a fish.

    Of course it was also the last time I used a leader loop. The loop held fine. My knot did not.

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    Great story. Thanks for sharing


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    Brown #12 Wolly Bugger in a class i took. Then we tied a #12 Prince nymph. I don't have mne any more, but my Girlfriend who took the class with me still has hers.

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    Default Re: Your First Fly You Tied

    It was an olive wooly bugger on a #10 hook, tied at a fly tying class offered by my local fly shop in Blakeslee, PA. The instructor was Stanley Cooper; an ex-A&F professional tyer. It was a complete rat! He said it would catch fish, but I never fished it, because if I was a fish, I never would have given it a second look!

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    Alot of my flies no looks that way, LOL. Thanks for the story


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