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    I got this stocking stuff from . came with 22 items! dubbings and poly hair and rubber legs, deer belly flash in all kinds for 15 bux shipped top my door! the sale is over but this place is a sale every day! they have ep fiber. they call it congo hair for 1 dollar!!! you get alot too! rubber legs? a buck! flash? 1.95 or less! dubbing? 6 packs for $2.50!! single pack for .75cents! and you get a **** load! they got patches of elk moose or deer for a buck! you can't lose! after I got my stocking I just ordered olive,white,orange congo hair. a blend of chartreuse and kelly green congo hair, some congo hair/water silk blend in hot pink and silver baitfish. also got some small thin flash in silver and gold for use with congo hair baitfish patterns all for 11 bux shipped!!! in the strocking stuffer I got baby blue and black congo hair and some olive and red water silk too! if i wanted one color of ep fibers I'd pay 6-7 bux plus shipping for one color!! I got 5 colors and 2 flashes for 11 bux!!!! you can't lose!!! check it out guys! 3 bux shipping on orders under 25 bux and believe me 25 bux gets you alot of stuff!! now I can make many combinations of ep minnows and clousers using this stuff instead of bucktail! also with the stuff I got in the stocking I am set for years! lol
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    Default Re: cheap fly tying materials!


    I totally agree, you can't go wrong with the Dungeon!


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    I know I will be looking over this site and seeign what I can get. Some of this stuff is very cheat when lookign at a place like cabelas...
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