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Thread: Kaufmans Stone

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    Im going to start tying them. I just need to go out and get the rite dubbing. I am just confused with one thing. Most of the recipes Ive found online call for TMC 300 hooks which are 6x long. So for example if Im trying to imitate a size 4 Salmon Fly nymph am I going to use the size 4, 6x hook. Or if Im trying to imitate a large golden stone nymph that is a size 8, am I going to use a size 8, 6x long hook?

    It just seems to me like a 6x long hook would be too big. But maybe Im wrong.

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    Default Re: Kaufmans Stone

    Hi Bobby,
    If I recall correctly, the commercially tied Kaufmann's Stones are tied on TMC 200RBL hooks.

    The TMC 300 would be a great hook for the huge #2 or #4 salmonfly patterns. I think that it is too long for goldens or skwalas.


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    I agree with Mosca-- most stonefly nymphs are tied on something like a 3 xl hook rather than 6xl.

    Examples of 3xl hooks for stonefly nymphs would be stuff like the Tiemco 200R or 5263, Mustad 9672, Daiichi 1720 etc.

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    I agree with MP and Mark. The patterns at this link (scroll down) call for TMC300 or TMC200R for the same pattern. Big difference IMO. The pictures are tied with 200R's.
    Kaufmann Stones
    Not that you couldn't tie the giant stones on a 6xl.

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    Default Re: Kaufmans Stone

    Another vote here for the 3xl 200R, or a similar hook.

    The only downside to those is that the shape of the bend makes getting a bead on there quite tricky.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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