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    been looking at these E.P minnow patterns lately by Enrico Puglisi. anyone got any to share? any pix or recipes? I found a cheap source for fibers that are basically a E.P. fiber substitute. it sheds water the same and can be used to tie these patterns up. its called Congo Hair. anyways just wondered if you guys have any favorite patterns? I don't use any streamer hooks bigger than a size 6 3x long streamer hooks cause no fish are that big in my river really. seems all they use are huge saltwater hooks with a huge gape for these. I am gonna try to make slimmer minnow shapped flies instead cause I seen a few at his website.. maybe some small bluegills if it don't crowd the gape that much.. I have watched a vid of how to tie one on Puglisi Baitfish Fly Tying Video
    I got olive,white,chartreuse,light blue,black,orange,pink,and red. this stuff costs $1 thats it! you can't lose! should be getting it asap and will post pics of my puglisis style ties asap. am gonna use a conehead to get it down also cause we don't use sinktip here. only got to get it down 4 to 6 feet at most. also they use a silver colored hook and mine are plain bronze. I am gonna wrap some flash or tinsel up the shank I think to give it color and add some flash. gonna make clousers out of it too I think
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    Hey, I have tied up some regular ep bait fish patterns with that stuff earlier this year. I never did try a small pattern but I am sure it won't be that difficult for ya. I might get the stuff out and see what I can conjure up too. It'll give me something to do. I have to get my swap flies done first!!

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    I've tied a couple of these but haven't tried thm yet.

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    I seen those on flytyingforum's pattern archive. might have to try that out
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    E.P. fibers eh. Ya they can be very good stuffs. Though I find that they are kinda ugly at the same time. I find for the mag and ultra mag clouser's that I'm doing, the EP fibers work very well. There is also a pattern that I've been doing that is simply starting with the turn of the hook up you add color for the body, then a little then turn the hook curve down then add more for the body, a little flashbou, then anther color for the back. I dont remember what it is called though I think it is called the ep minnow. Lastly is the ep peanutbutter minnow. I guess from what I have found is a very used fly for saltwater. I have a hard time doing it but have modified it a little so I can . The peanutbutter has a very girthy look to it adding a great profile in the water. Though all mine end up little, I do like how they look.

    OzarkAnglers.Com Forum > How-to-steps ( E.p. Fiber Peanut Butter Fly / Shad )

    these are two links for the peanutbutter minnow and I know there is a how to video on utube for the ep minnow.

    Ok I just found what it is, the ep baitfish streamer, not the ep minnow. I found a link to a how to video, here it is:

    FlyfishingTV: EP Baitfish Streamer Fly

    I make a lot of these since they do work for the fish I target. They can be made as long or short as you would like. Simply put they are the best ep patterns in my opinion.
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