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Thread: Vices

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    My vice is Ketel One citrus vodka

    My vise is a Renzetti Presentation rotary that I've had for around 20 years

    Whatever vise you choose, make sure you get a pedestal style. And set up a dedicated tying area if at all possible. That way you can sit down and tie two or three when you have a spare 20 minutes and not spend 20 minutes setting up and 20 minutes putting stuff away.

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    Oh, when you decide on a vise, try shopping ebay, and/or your local FF clubs. Most do a swap/sell before their meetings, at least around here they do.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post

    Do yourself a favor and save some bucks, check eBay for a D. H. Thompson A vise. They are often there in new condition with the box. These are old and are not rotary but some of the best fly tiers that have ever wrapped a hook used the Thompson. The fly in my avatar was tied on a model A.

    I assure you that if cash is at issue and you really want to tie flies, you can tie like an old master on a Thompson Model A.

    I'm talking $9.99 - $15.00 and watch that you don't get ripped on postage. If you come in with one at or under 25 - 26 bucks, You Win! Made in America and built like a hammer they will last forever or until you can throw down for the heavyweights. I hope that everyone can agree that long before all the new generation of vises were available Thompson was recognized as quality at the bench.

    Good Luck,

    I saw this on e bay and was debating on bidding for it.

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    Bill, that's $25 that can go towards ROTARY. No matter what you tie, you can tie it better and faster with ROTARY. If I can get myself setup and start tying, I can have you come down and try both. I think I have an old Xuron vise in a box someplace, or I can get my hands on a DynaKing for a couple of days. When you see the difference you'll know what I mean.

    Did you happen to see my response to the guy who wants to tie to umm, save money. hahahaha


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